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its like your playing games with my emotions
maybe i should have been more cautious of my friends warnings
i kinda knew shit was to good to be true.
atleast its not the end of the world.
just a big disapointment.

oh yah and fuck mrs applegate
drunk with fuck head

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hey gwen ya should be a detective.
look at more pictures of mine and figure out who im hookin up with
cause obviously ya care that much
ps. you were wrong
go figure
drunk with fuck head

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i wish i knew where this was going, im not sure if i even want to. I just know that were getting to the point of good or bad. I'm scared of the bad.
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Today did you...

1. Talk to someone you liked: kinda
2. Buy something: no
3. Get sick: i might be
4. Sing: no
5. Make out: no
6. Talk to an ex: no
9. Miss someone: yeah

Last person who....

10. Slept in your bed: babi
11. Saw you cry: umm.. cant remember
12. Made you cry: family
13. Went to the movies with you: babi & sal
14. You went to the mall with: brian bear falcon
15. Said "I Love You" to and meant it? depends on what kind of love
Have you ever....

16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: dammit mojo
17. Been to California: no
18. Been to Mexico: no
19. Been to Canada: yeah
20. Been to Europe: no


21. Do you have a crush on someone: si

22. What book are you reading now: da vinci code

23. Best feeling in the world: lust

24. Future kids names: non existant

25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? buttermilk

26. What's under your bed: so many empty bottles

27. Favorite sports to watch: soccer

28. Pets names: mojo

29. Piercing/Tattoos: ears, nose, eyebrow, clovers on hips, dali elephants on the beck of my ankles

30. What are you most scared of right now: being lonely

31. Where do you want to get married? i dont want to

32. Who do you really hate? true meaning of hate no one, i wanna murda a few kids though

33. Do you have a job? hollywood video

34. Do you like being around people? yes

35. Have you ever liked someone u didn't have a chance with?: duh

36. Have you ever cried: shut up

37. Are you lonely right now: yes

38. Song that's stuck in in your head: memory from the musical cats

40. Gotten beaten up: not really

41. What are you wearing?: pjs

42. Been on radio/TV: no

43. Been in a mosh-pit: yes

44. Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? no

45. Ever liked someone who treated you like shit? yeah lol
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frig ( P ) Pronunciation Key (frg)
v. Vulgar Slang frigged, frig·ging, frigs
v. tr.
To have sexual intercourse with.
To perform an act of masturbation on.
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Mother fucking "a" key. Keep stickin and you'll see what happens.

Keep on drinkin'
I'm snowed in with no booze. This is not good. Not good at all!
drunk with fuck head

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I havent spent a valentines day with a boy since 6th grade. Unless someone asks me to spend it with them, im probably going to see my grandma. its not like i want to spend valentines day with any guy from jersey anyway. what am i saying i think valentines day is dumb anyway, if yer not getting laid or fed fatty foods whats the use? love. you dont need a holiday to express that